Commercial Laundry Equipment in Miami, Fort Lauderdale FL

The Benefits Of Using Commercial Laundry Equipment

Is commercial laundry equipment the best solution for you? If you’d like to install a modern laundry facility or need a small commercial laundry facility in your building, read on.

This is a brief description of the benefits of using commercial laundry equipment that can guide your decision in the right direction. If there’s any objection generally going through people’s minds, that is most likely related to the space needed to accommodate the equipment. In fact, this concern is baseless.

Nowadays, commercial laundry equipment has become much smaller. A range of industry-leading washing machines have a footprint of just 1m x 1m. They can be stacked on top of each other, meaning they can fit in just one square meter.

Although, the investment needed to acquire commercial laundry equipment is going to be more expensive than to procure a domestic machine, the investment is worth making. Superior machines will have an operating lifespan of over 30,000 hours.

It’s essential that you invest in commercial equipment. This when you want to do a quick wash, the machine is capable of functioning quickly and efficiently. Some commercial laundry equipment can carry out a quick wash cycle in just 40 minutes. Thus, saving your energy bills.

Commercial laundry equipment can also be environmentally friendly. Commercial Laundry equipment that is approved by WRAS uses water in the most efficient way and never risks contaminating the mains water supply.

You can also look for technologies and products that encourage sustainable water use on the government’s Water Technology List (WTL). Thus, by purchasing equipment on the WTL, your business may be able to claim 100% first-year allowances in the form of tax relief.

By selecting your equipment correctly, you could reduce your outsource costs, your energy bills, your environmental impact and of course, generate long-term savings.

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