Boca Raton, Florida Keys coin operated washer and dryer


Have you ever thought about leasing coin operated laundry equipment? Find out more about the process of leasing coin operated laundry machines in the article below:

Offering an onsite commercial laundry facility to tenants can become one of the most successful businesses you can engage in. But what does it take to make this idea come true? Well…the first thing you should know is that having an onsite laundry area is considered one of the top three amenities requested by tenants, according to a recent study by The National Multi-Housing Council.

Whether this idea has ever crossed your mind before or not, leasing coin operated laundry equipment can have plenty of advantages for you, as a property owner.

Here are some of the most relevant benefits of deciding to lease coin operated laundry machines:

  1. The possibility of using quality, high performance machines – this way, your clients will know for sure they are leasing long-lasting equipment that will generate remarkable and efficient results.
  2. Multiple coin vault options – choosing the ideal coin vault size for your schedule is one of the most important incentives you can offer your customers.
  3. Efficient and environment-conscious – make sure the laundry machines that you work with are built with the latest technology, designed to use less electricity, gas, water and detergent.
  4. Warranty and Repair Services – No matter what type of commercial laundry machine you lease you need to have an outstanding warranty.

Apart from all of the advantages listed above, the laundry facility should also include the services of a certified technician in case someone should ever need a repair or part replacement.

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