Coin Laundry Equipment and Coin Operated Washer & Dryer in Hialeah, Hollywood, and Surrounding Areas

Are you considering installing a coin laundry equipment? If yes, come join hands with us at Coin-O-Matic. You may be in a fix where to begin and which equipment to choose. Relax, our experts are there to help you. They will listen to you patiently and resolve all your queries. Besides, they will run you through the different makes and models along with their respective features and benefits to help you make an informed decision. We have a model for every budget. People residing in and around Boca Raton, Florida Keys, Fort Lauderdale, Hialeah, Hollywood FL and West Palm Beach can make the most of our services.

Take a Look at its Alluring Features

  • Technology has improved with the passing of years and the recent models can help in detecting and deterring people against using slugs and foreign coins for operating the machine.
  • You may have a busy and hectic schedule due to which you may not be capable of collecting coins frequently from the laundry equipment, but there is nothing to worry as you have the flexibility of installing larger coin vaults having higher capacity.
  • It comes with tamper-proof technology, which can help in minimizing damage, theft and vandalism. Above all, you can offer the coin-operated technology on any machine which you decide upon. No matter you pick traditional top-loading, front loading or stackable machines the coin operation will be available.

Apart from this there are many more benefits that these laundry equipment can offer. Resting on your laundry needs, our team members will guide you as to which model will work best in your facility. What are you waiting for? Contact us at our toll free number 800-634-4188/800-642-9525 today and install the right commercial laundry in your property which can help in generating additional revenue. At Coin-O-Matic we have the widest range of laundry equipment that are coin-operated and look forward to serve you in the best possible way.