Coin Laundry Equipment in Fort Lauderdale, FL

5 benefits that make coin laundry a very attractive business:

Everyone needs clean clothes to wear and that is why a laundry machine has become a must-have for every property. Due to the technological advances in water usage, investing in a coin laundry is a wise decision even though it may not be one of the most glamorous businesses in the world today. However, coin laundry machines are an important amenity in a building that can attract and retain a large number of residents and operate expenses as well as revenues. Being a top company specializing in coin operated laundry equipment with 40 years of experience in Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach, our Coin-O-Matic’s newest laundry room payment system addition is a wireless payment technology that allows the residents to simply insert coins to pay at the washing machine.

Reasons why investing in a coin operated laundry are a wise decision

  1. Automated timing system: In case of coin operated laundry machines, users should enter a required amount in coins to be able to use the machine for a fixed time. Once the user has entered the amount, the integrated timer in the machine sets up itself and does not require to be monitored. As soon as the time flies away, the machine will stop automatically and won’t begin working again unless the user puts more coins.
  2. A separate billing counter is not needed: As coin based laundry machines require the user to pay the usage amount in advance, so a separate billing counter is not needed which means hassle free payments and that too without making long queues.
  3. Few staff members: These machines maintain records of time automatically and directly collect money from the user, yet managing staff are required to clean the laundry area and help the users but lesser than those required in widely-used laundry machines.
  4. Boosts self-confidence: Coin based laundry machines are same as automated mini soda vending machines in airports and shopping malls. Such vending machines operate without any surveillance. 
  5. Save more: The cost of coin operated laundry machines is usually higher than the traditional ones but these machines prove to be more cost effective than the usual ones due to the lower number of staff required for running the machine smoothly.

These benefits increase the entire operating income contribution of a property’s laundry facility as well as increase the aesthetic value of a building.