COIN-O-MATIC: Qualities That Make This Company “Standout” in Florida, USA

Are all the hostelers complaining you about the malfunctioning washing machines in the hostel laundry? And, are you frustrated after receiving so many verbal as well as written complaints from the students? If yes, then the only solution you have is either call a mechanic to repair them, or purchase new machines. However, if you are unwilling to spend so much money on purchasing or repairing washing machines then, how about renting coin laundry equipment? There are many companies in Boca Raton, Florida Keys, Fort Lauderdale, Hialeah, Miami Beach and West Palm Beach, which can provide you with hi-tech laundry machines. But, amongst all those companies, there’s one that has managed to “stand out”, and that is COIN-O-MATIC. We don’t just provide laundry equipment for hostels, but also for hotels, apartments and even motels.

2 Main Reasons Why COIN-O-MATIC “Stands out” in Florida

Want to know about the two reasons that make our company, COIN-O-MATIC, “stand out” amongst the others? Well then, keep reading this blog.

  • Wide variety of equipment– If you are thinking that COIN-O-MATIC can only provide coin operated washing machines then, you are seriously mistaken. We also give coin operated dryers for rent. And in fact, we are one of those few companies in Florida, which has a collection of smart card operated laundry equipment as well. So, whether you want to rent coin laundry machines or the ones that are operated using a smart card, we can provide you with all, that too within a reasonable budget.
  • All equipment are branded– Many people refrain from renting laundry machines because, most of the companies in Boca Raton, Florida Keys, Fort Lauderdale, Hialeah, Miami Beach and West Palm Beach give unbranded machines for rent. But, if you come to us, you’ll be glad to see that all the washers and dryers we give for rent are branded. Some of the leading brands include- Whirlpool, LG, Maytag and Speed Queen.

So, these were the two main reasons why we “stand out” amongst the other companies in Florida. To know more about us, go through our website now or give us a call at 800-642-9525.