Commercial laundry equipment in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, FL



What are the features that make up the best commercial coin operated washers and dryers?

Commercial laundry equipment has become an essential tool in today’s society. The busier our lives get the less time we have for additional everyday chores such as washing and drying. Commercial laundry equipment and commercial coin operated washers and dryers benefit from today’s leading and innovative systems and unsurpassed quality performance.

What does the industry have to offer us when it comes to commercial laundry equipment?

Efficiency and productivity

Commercial coin operated washers and dryers need to be designed with efficient and productive systems in order to generate the best results. One of the most innovative features that some of the best commercial coin operated washers and dryers use is a reduced water operation that can help to extend linen life and lower utility costs.

Another feature to look after in commercial laundry equipment is a heavy-duty construction that can provide a reliable operation and assures a long-lasting washer extractor.

A good operation process

Some of the best commercial coin operated machines are complete with mechanical coin meter (single or double) with a central pay system, that allows for a better operation process altogether.

Standard wash operations can also be optimized so that they keep the water consumption as well as the energy and detergent levels at a minimum level.



Making sure your commercial laundry equipment is solid and efficient enough to sustain you for years to come is one of the most important features it needs to benefit from. The vital parts of any commercial coin operated washer and dryer needs to go through an extensive lifecycle testing. This process will establish the fact that its design will endure even in the toughest conditions.

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