Commercial washers and dryers in Florida Keys, Miami, FL

Commercial washers and dryers for your laundry business or service

If you offer a public laundry service, you need commercial washers and dryers. Coin-O-Matic supplies and installs commercial washers and dryers in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood FL and West Palm Beach. They also offer different business models which means you have greater flexibility in terms of how you want to operate your laundry service. For example, you got work on a percentage basis where they do all the work and you just collect your monthly cheque. Alternatively, you can run the whole business and just pay for the equipment. Irrespective of the business model, you still need the right commercial washers and dryers.

When it comes to business equipment it is always a good idea to stick with trusted brand names. In the laundry business these include Speed Queen, Maytag, Whirlpool and LG. Within in these brands you will find the right equipment for your laundry business. It does not matter whether you have a dry cleaning business, a laundry service in your apartment block, a laundry service at your hotel or a college laundry service. Coin-O-Matic supplies leading brand name laundry equipment that will be right for your retail outlet in Fort Lauderdale, your hotel in Hollywood FL or your housing complex in West Palm Beach.

So whether you need a top load washer, a front load washer, a single load dryers or a multi-load tumbler, you can get the right laundry equipment at the right price and with the right business model to match. Today’s modern laundry equipment are not only coin enabled, but also card enabled, which means you can offer more convenient and accessible payment options.

If you are serious about your laundry business or service, then it makes sense to deal with a supplier who is just as serious and committed.