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Coin Operated Laundry Machines: top 2 reasons for its equipment sudden breakdown

Coin operated laundry machines for public use are an all-cash; an indispensible, self-service machine which is practicable only if the individual knows what he or she is purchasing. Although owning and running a laundry business is not an easy venture yet it has become one of the most lucrative standalone businesses, especially in metropolis that have high-rise buildings where there is no structure for washer and dryers. Since people need to wash their clothes every day, owning a laundry business is thus a promising career choice. However, as with most other type of businesses, it involves certain risks, such as- sudden breakdown of coin-operated laundry equipment which in turn can lead to the business interruption very easily and it can be devastating. Find the perfect coin operated laundry machine to complete the efficient laundry experience here with us at Coin-O-Matic. We have been placing insurance for thousands of coin laundries for the past 5 decades in Miami, Miami Beach, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and the Florida Keys.

  1. Electrical faults caused by poor electrical connections are one the most common reason for equipment severe breakdown. There are some small steps that can be taken to solve this problem. For instance, clean away the dust in areas where the connectors are located. While cleaning, it is better to use compressed air rather than water for keeping moisture away from the wire.
  2. The second most common reason of equipment severe breakdown is wear and tear. It is important for all laundromat owners to remember that even new machines can wear down with continuous use. One may not have full control over it, but what that person can do is checking the laundry machine on a daily basis, so that not only can he or she prevent the equipment breakdown but also prevent property damage as well.

The bottom line

It is really vital to consider all the features of your laundry business while buying laundry insurance for equipment severe breakdown.