Fort Lauderdale, Miami FL Coin Operated Laundry Equipment

The potential benefits of using coin operated laundry machines and equipment

Earlier drying and washing machines did not come with a time tracker which created serious problems for laundry management staffs. To keep away from this issue coin operated laundry machines have been created. If you are in need of a coin operated laundry equipment or machine, then call us at Coin-O-Matic. The areas that we serve include Miami, Miami Beach, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Florida Keys.

Benefits of using these machines

  • These machines demand the user in entering a requisite sum in coins for operating the machine for a definite time. After the coins have been integrated into the machine it will be ready and will not require being monitored. The machine will automatically stop when the time expires and will not work till the user adds more coin to it
  • As the user needs to make the payment in advance so a different billing counter is not needed. It indicates no long queues and a hassle free payment process. Most importantly, it will save the extra place in the drying area and for more machines
  • As these machines hold records automatically from the time and collects the money directly from the user, there is no need for any separate time recording and billing staff.
  • A coin operated washing machine is similar to an automated vending machine that function devoid of any human surveillance. Similar is the case with a coin based machine. This too does not require human surveillance
  • This machine is more cost effective compared to the general models. It is owing to the fact that in a coin operated machine the number of staffs needed for running the laundry facility smoothly is lower

Without any hesitation simply invest in our machines and increase your productivity, minimize labor cost and also save time.