installation1Maximize Your Profit and Minimize Problems

Installation and Design Services by COIN‑O‑MATIC

What layout provides the most profit per square foot? How can you get maximum service out of minimum floor space? What logistics are involved in assuring no-hassle installations?

COIN‑O‑MATIC tackles these issues and provides real-world solutions through our Laundry Room Consulting Team.

Experience Eliminates Guesswork

Since 1984 we’ve guided apartment owners & managers, condominium boards of directors, college fraternity and sorority boards, hotel and motel owners and so many others through the laundry room set-up process. From simple installations into existing spaces ideally prepared for laundry equipment to new construction, we have worked through virtually every conceivable issue, delivering solutions that help the service provider maintain a strong profit while ensuring ultimate end-user convenience and satisfaction. In other words: we don’t surprise easily, and that means no-hassle solutions for you by the experienced Laundry Room Consulting Team at COIN‑O‑MATIC.

installation2Our Experts Work with Yours

We’re happy to provide CAD drawings detailing specific layouts and logistical solutions to address specific issues. We’re equally happy to work with your team of contractors, as well as any building maintenance staff to ensure that everything is done to your satisfaction. This service is especially helpful when dealing with new construction and/or room additions for a new laundry room.

From Start to Finish, We’re in Your Corner

In many instances, your space will determine what machines are best suited for your laundry needs. Square footage, available water sources, electrical outlets, internet accessibility and other factors play a significant role and our team of experienced professionals can help you choose equipment that meets your needs. If you’re building a new facility, contact us first. Knowing the machines you’ll be using can be a major advantage during the planning and design phase and COIN‑O‑MATIC is here to answer any questions you may have.